The Learning Management System and e-learning serves several purposes that expedite the-learning process from both the teacher and student's end. It allows educational institutions to deliver content to their students and manage this delivery via a customized platform. This solution provides students with an opportunity for enhanced interactivity and engagement, via online forums, video conferences, and blogs. It Increases communication and interaction between teachers and students.

Ampersand's LMS platform provides a student-targeted tool; based on location, grade level, performance and other indicators to train and develop student's skills.

  • Centralizes source of learning
  • Automates course processes and follow ups in one solution
  • Evaluates students consistently
  • Can be populated with specific material
  • Can integrate with a testing platform
  • Can integrate media in all courses: video, voice over, animation etc...
  • Creates an engaging hub in the institution, can include webinars, chats, blogs and other social media
  • Keeps student informed with up-to-date information
  • Provides great flexibility in updating content and reporting requirements
  • Can be accessed from PC, tablet or phone
  • Is available in multiple languages including Arabic
  • Allows multiple device and learning path access
  • Is simultaneously accessible by multiple users
  • Can be hosted on a cloud or local server
  • Provides gated-access control for security and confidentiality
  • Is Tin Can and SCORM compatible