Today's classroom has evolved to more than just a white board, desks and books. Interactivity and innovation have become pillars of today's educational sector. The child is now more engaged with video lectures and virtual boards.
With this digital shift occurring, schools continue to face the challenge of introducing eBooks to the classroom, as a vital element of the-learning process.

Ampersand's eBook solution facilitates the shift from traditional methods of learning, to a more contemporary, interactive one. Our eBook solution has the flexibility to run on any mobile, tablet or PC platform and be downloaded via iOS or Android apps. Its construction includes the development of a customized eBook application, the proper layout and upload of content, the development of animated content, multimedia material such as illustrations, audio recordings or video animations.

  • Student ability to highlight, take notes and sync clippings across several devices
  • Interactive method of learning, students are accommodated to
  • Exciting method to access material, 24/7
  • Online/ offline access
  • Easy access to documents
  • App communication on any device
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Ability to hyperlink assessments such as to Item Banks and e-testing platform
  • Benchmark student progress
  • Multiple titles in one app
  • Conversion of hard copy books into e-books with interactive functionality
  • HTML 5 compatibility
  • Continuous platform updates
  • Gated access control
  • Cloud-based
  • Gated-access control for security and confidentiality
  • Ability to download via IOS and Android apps
  • Eco-friendly method of learning; reduced use of paper
  • Extensive costs' reduction on schools
  • Students benefit from avoiding carrying heavy books
  • Constant and quick content update