• Blended Learning and Mobile Training. Deliver all of your training and compliance materials into a single app framework. Simply upload and enhance your content for employees to easily access training documents and videos whilst on the move.

    Simple workflows save everyone time. Our Training Apps achieve this by taking your PDF-based material and allowing it be uploaded and published to any type of device within a matter of minutes.

    Gated-access controls allow you to manage which employees have access to which materials and our version-control features mean they'll never be encumbered with out of date compliance and training material, reducing confusion for you and them.

    Experience/Scorm 2.1 API functionality features means that our Training Apps can fit within whatever Learning Management System is being employed, all the while delivering easily accessible analytics about their progress.

    Security is an absolute necessity, especially in large, corporate environments where internal regulations are stringent. For this reason we have scalable DRM functionality to provide corporate clients with peace of mind when publishing their content using our App framework.

  • Mobile learning is a hot-button issue. Our training app allows you to give clients a gateway to iPads, Android tablets and everything else without having to change their LMS provider or package, giving you a valuable addition to your product portfolio.

    Your customers need to record and analyze the data from training programs easily. The Training App is compliant with the latest e-Learning APIs to facilitate this, allowing results to plug into your LMS dashboards.

    Reduce complication by working within your existing LMS framework, providing a solution that works around yours and your client's existing e-Learning infrastructure.

  • For training companies providing open courses online or in a classroom environment.

    Ampersand Training App can deliver your content to mobile devices, providing trainees with an interactive, blended-learning experience for tablet, phone and desktop.

    Existing training materials can easily be added to your own-branded app. Alert delegates when a new course is ready, and keep in touch with candidates even after they have finished their course.

    Categorize materials according to how delegates need to find them. If they are studying by units, assign by unit. Alternatively different courses can be presented in an easy-to-navigate fashion making it easy for materials to be found. Notes, highlights and clippings can be synced even when delegates are offline; encouraging use on mobile, tablet and desktop.

    Tests and interactive activities embedded into the app can create an engaging student experience. Results from these activities can be fed into any LMS, giving tutors the ability to evaluate and track learner activity.

    Purchasing of courses can be triggered as an in-app purchase or via a Website and both rental and subscription models are supported.

    Video is of crucial importance and Ampersand's training app allows you to upload rich-media video content, interaction with which can be tracked on demand through an analytics suite.