Ampersand offers traditional and e- publishing services that target the specific needs of the Arab Educational System and native Arabic speakers. We develop content for a variety of educational disciplines, including a range of academic books, annals for the different curricula and student and teachers training manuals tailored to the MENA region.

Ampersand has many years of experience in this evolving field and implements international standards of authorship, editorial content and design. With multilingual (Arabic, English and French) publishing capabilities and a thorough understanding of educational systems in the MENA region, Ampersand delivers end-products that benefit students and teachers alike. With an emphasis on the youth segment, schoolbooks, educational works, practical books and self-study materials, we empower people with knowledge.

Keeping up with the times, Ampersand offers e-publishing and e-training so students, teachers and trainers can access books and annals online and can improve their skills using technology. By providing both print and digital content we ensure the flexibility and accessibility of learning that best suits the user's needs.

Ampersand's services yield results on a grand scale. For instance, we designed the specializations curricula of Bahrain's technical education system in addition to creating and publishing students' textbooks and teacher's guides for all the technical programs.

Arabic, English and French curriculum design and publishing is at the core of Ampersand with a vigorous publishing program catering to the specific and various needs of primary and secondary schools. The publishing range encompasses all taught subjects whether scholastic or vocational. Our unrivalled standing is built upon a close understanding of the specific requirements of each country in which we operate. We work with local authorities, Ministries of Education, teachers and teacher trainers to ensure our experienced authors match curriculum requirements. We build our curriculum by attracting a team of experts from all corners of the educational field, including mathematicians, education research scientists and literature teachers. Writers and editors produce relevant and engaging material. Quality assurance specialists ensure the content accuracy and its appropriateness for the age group and culture it is targeting.