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Order List

This type of question allows students to organize a list in chronological order. This question can be used to reorder words, paragraphs of text, or sentences within a paragraph.


This question type allows students to create Bar Charts, Line Charts, Histograms, Dot Plots and Line Plots. Authors can provide either a blank canvas or pre populate data points.

Graphing - Point Tool

This question type allows students to plot lines, points, rays, vectors, segments, circles, parabola, sine and polygons on a coordinate grid.

Label Image - Drag & Drop

In Image Drag and Drop questions students can select from a list of potential answers and drag them to the correct response box on the image.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) allow you to select a correct answer from a number of potential answers. You can use standard selection multiple choice (one correct answer) or multi multiple choice (two or more correct answers). You can also set up different layouts for the question - block or inline, add labels and columns.

Math Formula

The Math Formula question allows students to easily enter complex math formula and has advanced validation capabilities.

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Question Authoring

  • Every question has a variety of parameters such as: Question Type, Subject, Grade, Learning Outcome, Total Grade, Difficulty Level, Thinking Level, Solving Time, Answer Key, etc ...

  • You can select from a bouquet of 50+ Technology Enhanced Question Types

  • Preview, edit and save the question before sending it for review

  • Send question for review and approval before it could be used in any exam type

Question Validation

  • Every Academic Controller would see the questions assigned to him, or the questions related to grade/subject to which he has access to

  • The Academic Controller has to review the question and either approve it or reject it

  • Notes are added when a question is rejected. Notes are also used to track the validation history between the Question Producer and Academic Controller

  • When a question is reviewed and approved, it becomes published and available to be used in exams

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